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Fresno Aquarium

is being constructed on our 10 acres at
Hwy 99 along the San Joaquin River


Donors like you are putting their names on concrete blocks to raise funds

Please click on the Block:

As of today, you've purchased 1,934 blocks out of 5,100 needed to construct our very first building!

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Jan 23


You have the power to make a significant impact for our Community!

Your generous donation today will go a long way in helping us build the nonprofit Fresno Aquarium DEBT-FREE entirely through donations - both large and small!

Every donation brings us that much closer to opening our very first building.

This is why the 501(c)(3) Aquarius Aquarium Institute urgently needs your tax-deductible support to continue the progress donors just like you have already made toward building this project for everyone in our San Joaquin Valley.

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