Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the Fresno Aquarium open?

A: When we have names on all 5,100 concrete blocks in our current From the Ground Up capital campaign, we will have raised enough money to build our Aquaculture Building - the very first structure on our 10-acre campus.

The timing of this construction totally depends on you, so please donate today and let your friends and family know that every donation, large or small, makes a real difference!

Q: When will the entire Aquarium be completed?

A: Phase One and Phase Two buildings of the Fresno Aquarium project are each complete and exciting Public Aquariums on their own. So, technically, once Phase One is completed, you'll be able to experience a complete Aquarium.

Again, the pace of construction depends on you.

Q: Will the Fresno Aquarium be home to freshwater or saltwater fish?

A: Both! You're going to enjoy multiple freshwater aquarium habitats featuring native fish and plants from the San Joaquin Valley.

And then, as our exhibits take you on a journey of discovery following the natural course of water through our Valley, our popular California tide pool animals will thrill you in their new, larger saltwater touch pool.

You'll also get to see spectacular saltwater fish and corals, highlighted in their own, large aquariums.

Q: Will the Fresno Aquarium have dolphins or whales?

A: No, we believe large marine mammals such as dolphins and whales belong in the ocean where they may follow their own natural migrations.