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is being built on our 10 acres along
Hwy 99 overlooking the San Joaquin River

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Fire Hydrant
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Your tax-deductible support is urgently needed to build our very first building!

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Dec 2

Work continues on site plan details

Reviewing Fresno Aquarium site plan

December 2, 2013 - Since contracting with Fresno's Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc. for civil engineering in August, Aquarius Aquarium Institute has been working with David Horn, PE to create a new site plan for the first structure of the Fresno Aquarium that will be be constructed on the Institute's 10-acre property just west of Freeway 99, along the San Joaquin River.

Because of the generosity of our many donors, the Fresno Aquarium project has progressed to this stage since our architect, Arthur Dyson, completed his preliminary design for Phase One in June 2010 and our structural engineer, Bob Parrish, of Parrish Hansen, Incorporated, completed his work in late 2012. Each one of these steps requires many checks and rechecks to ensure that all details of the construction will work in harmony for the achievement of our ultimate goal.

As 2013 comes to a close, let's keep the momentum going as the Fresno Aquarium project keeps moving forward into another year. The support of our new and existing Charter Members, Block Donors and Sponsors continues to drive our work to enhance the quality of life for our entire central San Joaquin Valley.