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1,894 sold out of 5,100 as of today

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Nov 5

We need your end-of-year support

November 5, 2014 - Tom Lang, our executive director, took the opportunity to talk with Mike Scott yesterday about the progress on the Fresno Aquarium project.

While it's difficult to predict how fast tax-deductible donations will come in, we do know that every concrete block sold is bringing us that much closer to starting construction. As of this date, we've sold 513 blocks and only need to sell about 987 more to start.

So, even if you've already put your name on a block (or blocks), please consider adding to your donation at this end-of-year by putting your name on multiple blocks, either the $100 regular or $200 large size. Your support is truly getting us closer and closer to being able to begin construction!