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Fresno Aquarium

is being built on our 10 acres along
Hwy 99 overlooking the San Joaquin River

Fire Hydrant
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Fire Hydrant
Children Experience the Ocean

Donors like you are putting their names on concrete blocks to raise funds

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As of today, you've purchased 1,943 blocks out of 5,100 needed to construct our very first building!

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Sep 11

New sign and 1/3 of the way to beginning construction

New Billboard

September 11, 2014 - Have you seen our new sign on the Fresno Aquarium property along Highway 99 at the northern entrance to Fresno County?

At this crucial time, when we have just surpassed 500 concrete blocks sold for our From the Ground Up Capital Campaign, it is even more important that everyone knows that by putting your name, your family's name or your business name, on either $200 large or $100 regular concrete blocks, you are providing our nonprofit 501(c)3 organization the funds necessary to build the Fresno Aquarium and truly making a big splash in the San Joaquin Valley!

Depending on the mix of large and regular blocks we are able to sell, we should have enough to begin construction after we have sold another 1,000 blocks. While it will take selling all 5,100 to complete the Phase One Life Support Basement (which will be an Aquarium in itself), our estimates are that we can start with the four walls and a roof and add other necessary building components as more blocks are sold.

This is the very beginning of the Fresno Aquarium and we are thrilled that hundreds of people are making the tax-deductible investment in our Valley's future. Aquarius Aquarium Institute has always wanted to build the Fresno Aquarium without debt and with your generous support, we are well on our way to building a project we can all be proud of.