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Arthur Dyson, FAIA
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overlooking the San Joaquin River

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Fire Hydrant
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Mar 14

2010 River Clean up for Disney Days!

One Million Volunteer Days was Disney’s Nationwide Goal

March 14, 2010 - Aquarius Aquarium Institute joined with HandsOn Network for the Give-a-Day, Get-a-Disney-Day One Million campaign. Goal: The first one million participants who volunteer their time will receive a free pass to Disneyland! Our executive staff knew we would need to act fast. One million passes would no doubt be distributed by March.

So, on February 27, 2010, Aquarius Aquarium Institute was thrilled to see over 400 people come to the Institute property in the pouring rain to help fill a huge dumpster with debris!

Tires were removed from the river as well as the invasive scarlet wisteria plants. We were so impressed with the energy and optimism of all of the volunteers.

The BIG revelation to so many? They had NEVER seen the San Joaquin River in person. They had NO idea what it looked like and many had no knowledge of Fresno's renewed connection to the Pacific Ocean via this 2nd largest of California's rivers.

We enjoyed a BIG success with the HandsOn/Disney experience that enabled us to share the message of our local connection to our larger aquatic world. Yeah!!

Special thanks to Starbucks for the HOT coffee!