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Dec 14

2011 Calendar of Events Launch Party

December 14, 2010 - Coming up next month, Aquarius Aquarium Institute celebrates the 11th anniversary of its founding in 2000. Once again this year, we'll be celebrating at the newly opened Appellation: California (ApCal) Wine Tasting Room in Madera California, just north of the Institute’s land planned for the Fresno Aquarium. Darren Schmall, owner of ApCal is donating a glass of wine for each guest. And Institute board member Debbie Vlaminck is creating the stunningly beautiful and elegant “birthday cake."

Join us to find out more about the Institute, our Charter Memberships and be treated to a perfect afternoon surrounded by the winter landscape of grape vines. Executive director, Tom Lang, will share the design of the Phase One educational Fresno Aquarium project. We look forward to seeing you there!