How to Host a Block Party in Your Home

A fun way to help support the Fresno Aquarium is with a Block Party!

Here's 3 easy steps to help you be a successful fundraiser and help spread the word about our exciting plans benefitting our community:

1. Set Your Date

Saturdays often work well, but surprisingly Sunday afternoons are often when many people have a little extra free time.  Pick a time that works for you and be sure it's at least 2 weeks out before inviting friends, but no more than 4 weeks out. Confirm that our Executive Director Tom Lang can be there to answer your friend's questions and provide important details about the Fresno Aquarium project by calling us at 559-490-3474.

2. Invite Your Friends, Neighbors and Co-Workers

Everyone loves a good party! This is a no-pressure invitation, but DON'T say "We won't ask you for money." Tell everyone that you're hosting a party so people can learn more about the Fresno Aquarium project that you're involved with, enjoy some food and drinks and socialize with friends they may or may not have already met.

3. Pick up Food and Drinks

Please don't break the bank here. A few finger foods like cheese and crackers, little roll-up sandwiches and some chips and dip are usually fine. A bottle or two of red and white wine, a couple of selections of beer you might normally have on hand and bottles of water should cover the drinks.

How Your Block Party Works

As the day approaches, DON'T stress about asking your friends for money. Executive Director Tom Lang will take care of that. He'll also arrive early to set out some Put Your Name on a Block forms and informational materials. You only need to be a welcoming host and socialize with your friends as you would at any other party.

Remember, we're asking for money to fund a nonprofit community project we're all passionate about. A game-changer for Fresno.

A good minimum goal for a successful Block Party event is to raise at least $1,000 through friends putting their name, their family name or their business name on a combination of concrete blocks. This is typical when you have at least 10 friends or couples at your party. Of course, if you have 20 friends or couples show up, upwards of $2,000 can easily be raised.

That about covers it! Your commitment to the Fresno Aquarium is greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as you're ready to set your Block Party date!

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