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Fresno Aquarium

designed by Fresno’s own
world-renowned architect
Arthur Dyson, FAIA
is being built on our 10 acres along Hwy 99
overlooking the San Joaquin River

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Fire Hydrant
Children Experience the Ocean

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Aug 13

Yamabe & Horn

Yamabe & Horn offices

August 13, 2013 - On Monday night, the Aquarius Aquarium Institute board of directors approved the selection of Yamabe & Horn of Fresno as the Civil Engineers for our Fresno Aquarium life support basement project.

In 2008, the firm designed and performed cost estimating for a future extension of City of Fresno water and sewer lines to our 10-acre property along Highway 99, just north of Herndon Avenue.

Since that project is still a ways off, our Phase One building will need a well and a septic system in the interim. The detailed plans for these necessities as well as a new site plan will be created by this talented firm.

Yamabe & Horn will be working closely with Parrish Hansen of Clovis, our Structural Engineers, Lawrence Nye Andersen of Fresno, our Mechanical Engineers, and Arthur Dyson, our visionary Fresno architect, to create complete plans for the Fresno Aquarium's very first building.

We are very grateful to everyone from our community and beyond who continue to support our nonprofit 501(c)(3) project in so many ways and are very proud of all the tremendous local talent involved in creating a jewel that will stand for generations.