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Fresno Aquarium

is being built on our 10 acres along
Hwy 99 overlooking the San Joaquin River

Fire Hydrant
Pipe T
Fire Hydrant
Children Experience the Ocean

Your tax-deductible support is urgently needed to build our very first building!

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As of today, you've purchased 2,163 blocks out of 5,100
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Aug 27

Water Line and Fire Hydrant Constructed

August 27, 2017 - A significant step is nearly complete as Jerico Fire Protection of Fresno finishes up the underground pipeline from our fire protection water tank (in the distance up the hill) to a brand new fire hydrant near the Aquarium building pad.

Fire Hydrant

Jerico has constructed the 8" water main to City of Fresno standards so it will be possible to connect the Aquarium property to City water pipes in the future.

The exciting journey continues as Aquarius Aquarium Institute works to build a facility that will be a fun, family-friendly educational center everyone will love to visit for years to come.

Now with the fire protection system in place, we need more tax-deductible donations to start construction of our very first building. As of today, our nonprofit organization has sold 1,633 concrete blocks out of 5,100 (thank you to all our donors) for a total of $283,100, which means we still have $446,900 to go in our From the Ground Up Capital Campaign.

Please consider joining all those who have already donated to keep the momentum going for the benefit of all the citizens of the San Joaquin Valley. Click here to put your name on a block.