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Fresno Aquarium

designed by Fresno’s own
world-renowned architect
Arthur Dyson, FAIA
is being built on our 10 acres along Hwy 99
overlooking the San Joaquin River

Fire Hydrant
Pipe T
Fire Hydrant
Children Experience the Ocean

Your tax-deductible support is urgently needed to build our very first building!

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Jan 24

Starting to build our very first building

Aquaculture Building Model
Fresno Aquarium's Aquaculture Building
architectural model by Dan & John Carrion

The very first building on our property along Highway 99, approved as an aquaculture building by Fresno County in December 2015, will allow the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Aquarius Aquarium Institute to begin receiving, quarantining and growing out both freshwater and saltwater fish as well as other aquatic life. These animals will be the very beginnings of the collection that will live at the Fresno Aquarium into the future.

Our plan also includes re-creating the natural beauty of the riparian forest that has not existed on this site for nearly 100 years. The property was formerly an unsightly gravel mining and asphalt plant operation right at the entrance to Fresno. Hopefully you'll come out and participate in the river cleanups we help promote as well as volunteering when we begin replanting native valley plants and trees that have not grown here for decades.

Everyone's support is needed so we will have the funds, volunteers and equipment necessary to complete all the components of this facility as we move ahead with this exciting project. No tax-deductible donation is too small! We know our entire community will appreciate seeing this concrete result of what our many generous donors have been able to achieve.