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May 17

Spring 2017 Construction Update

Donations to our nonprofit project are going right back into our local economy. This spring, Andrew Tuell Concrete, Inc. of Clovis poured a massive two-foot-thick concrete slab for our thirty-foot-tall fire protection water tank after our engineering plans were approved by Fresno County and the North Central Fire Protection District. This slab will provide a solid base for the tank, which will feed into a water main leading to a fire hydrant near the future aquarium building.

The fire protection system must be in place and operational before construction may begin on our very first building.

We are also pleased to announce that our Board of Directors unanimously approved the hiring of Jerico Fire Protection Company, Inc. of Fresno to design and build the plumbing connections to the water tank. Central Valley Tank (CVT) has put the tank back into their shop now to weld the required components to the tank based on Jerico's needs.

We will keep you posted on CVT's progress and let everyone know when the tank will be delivered to the Fresno Aquarium property and installed on the base.