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Jun 11

Groundbreaking Celebration

Aquaculture Groundbreaking
On May 25, 2016, local dignitaries and invited guests joined our nonprofit's board of directors as they honored Roy and Betty Jura, the donors of the Fresno Aquarium property, at a groundbreaking celebration. To watch videos about our groundbreaking, be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

The commencement of construction activities in support of the Aquaculture Building on our 10-acre property at the entrance to Fresno County adjacent to Highway 99 overlooking the San Joaquin River (see Google Map) marks an important step in Aquarius Aquarium Institute's acquisition and raising of the fish and aquatic animal collection that will make their homes at the Fresno Aquarium campus into the future.

This first "nursery" building will allow the nonprofit Institute to begin the exciting process of receiving, quarantining and growing out both freshwater and saltwater fish as well as other aquatic life. Block Donors, Capital Campaign Contributors, Sponsors and Charter Members will get exclusive tours of the facility on designated days during and after construction.

But this is definitely not the end of the Institute's fundraising needs. The community will need to continue and steadily increase its support of the Fresno Aquarium with donations, sponsorships, in-kind contributions and Charter Memberships in order for Fresno to enjoy a sustainable Aquarium and debt-free operation going forward.

The Institute’s board of directors is not only thinking about raising the funds necessary to complete the construction of buildings, but also about adequately funding an endowment and reserves to create a runway to hire professional staff, raise and nurture the animals and fund all aquatic life support systems operations before the Fresno Aquarium can start benefiting from daily admissions income.

The specific timeline for each step of the journey toward a world-class public Aquarium in Fresno remains dependent on the pace of support from generous individual and corporate philanthropy, Charter Memberships and collaboration with research institutions and other established Aquariums.

We invite you to join us or renew your support today.