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Fresno Aquarium

designed by Fresno’s own
world-renowned architect
Arthur Dyson, FAIA
is being built on our 10 acres along Hwy 99
overlooking the San Joaquin River

Fire Hydrant
Pipe T
Fire Hydrant
Children Experience the Ocean

Your tax-deductible support is urgently needed to build our very first building!

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Sep 2

Charter Members to receive first viewing of Phase One basement plans at annual dinner

September 2, 2012 - Thanks to the generosity of our Charter Members, donors and sponsors, and especially to a $12,000 dedicated gift from Tessa and Nick Cavelletto, our structural engineer. Bob Parrish, PE of Parrish Hansen, Incorporated has completed the structural plans for the Phase One basement of the Fresno Aquarium project.

Aquarius Aquarium Institute Charter Members will be the very first to see and hear about details of the plans at our upcoming annual Charter Member dinner on Sunday, September 30. If you are not a current Charter Member, please become one right away or renew your membership. For as little as a $100, your entire household can come to our free Charter Member dinner, view the plans and enjoy some great music under the stars with an acoustical version of a favorite local band - VINYL.

We will also be sharing the plans with a select number of local contractors in the upcoming weeks to arrive at an estimated cost for the Phase One basement, which will provide a +6,000 sq. ft. enclosed space on our property to store and re-assemble the exhibits so generously donated to our project from the prestigious Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.

The Fresno Aquarium project still needs your additional support to begin construction, but we love celebrating each step of this journey with our community as we continue to work together to build the public aquarium for the San Joaquin Valley.