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Jun 4

A Gift for Grads and Dads

June 4, 2013 - June is the month when we think about the bright future ahead for our graduates and the contributions our fathers and grandfathers have made to our families.

The Fresno Aquarium would like to suggest a gift idea for both grads and dads - a concrete block! We know it's not as sexy as a new sports car or a night out on the town, but think about it - our block won't depreciate the moment it leaves the showroom floor or cause indigestion or, worse yet, a hangover...

By putting your grad's and dad's name on a block, they will become part of the permanent building that will be the Fresno Aquarium.

Imagine all the future generations that will see the names of your loved ones on our From the Ground Up wall display to be located at the entrance to the behind-the-scenes tours at the Aquarium. Heck, your grad may even work here some day and your dad can enjoy all the mechanical workings of the Aquarium after pointing to an example of the fish "that got away" on his last fishing trip.

As you can tell, we're having fun with this block campaign and by now we hope you will too as we all work toward making Fresno and the entire San Joaquin Valley a better place for everyone!